Təşkilat artıq 10 ildir ki, Azərbaycanda həyata keçirilən hüquq islahatlarına və vətəndaş cəmiyyətinin inkişafına öz töhvəsini verməkdədir

About LAR

Legal Analysis and Research Public Union (LAR) is established in 28/08/2012 in Baku and registered by the Ministry of Justice . LAR is a think-tank and uniting legal experts from different organizations and institutions in Azerbaijan. The founders of the LAR are Ramil Iskandarli and Elmari Mamishov.

The mission of LAR is the “Analyzing and researching for a building of a legal state in Azerbaijan”. LAR is a member of UN Global Compact initiative, the Civil Society Forum of Asian Development Bank and National Anti-Corruption NGO Network in Azerbaijan.

The main goal of LAR is to contribute to implementation of the legal reforms in Azerbaijan through learning, researching and analyzing the legal problems.

There are there main direction of activities of LAR, which are:

1. To promote and support the legal reforms in Azerbaijan.

2. Conducting research and analysis of different legal spheres.

3. Support of legal awareness raising of population.



Ramil Iskandarli

Chairman of Board


Legal Analysis and Research NGO.



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