Təşkilat artıq 10 ildir ki, Azərbaycanda həyata keçirilən hüquq islahatlarına və vətəndaş cəmiyyətinin inkişafına öz töhvəsini verməkdədir


LAIED Digest is a new project of the Legal Analysis and Research Public Union (LAR) launched from January 2019. LAIED is a bi-weekly e-digest in English language containing both informational and analytical inside of the recent developments in the different spheres of legal reforms. The digest brings an updated news, legislative updates, visions, view of experts on the issues such as a criminal justice reforms, human rights, humanitarian law, refugee/IDPs issues, constitutional reforms and civil law matters. LAIED e-digest is disseminating through social media tools and email in the first stage. In a later stage its planned to be published in a printed form and disseminated among interested parties.

Here you can download the 3rd issue of LAIED

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